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The Children's Vision Center

The Children's Vision Center - St. George UT

Welcome to The Children’s Vision Center! We are your choice of Optometrist for your child/teen in St. George, UT. We want to improve our patients’ performance in school, sports, and life by making sure their eyes are seeing and the entire visual system is functioning at their best.

We specialize in children and teenagers from 0 - 21 years old. We provide routine eye checkups, glasses, and contact lenses. We also offer individual vision therapy programs to develop visual skills and improve reading, learning, and lazy eyes. We also provide medical eye exams for diabetics, red irritated eyes, and more. Schedule an exam today!

Myopia Control

As prescriptions get higher so do risks of sight-threatening complications such as glaucoma, cataracts, retinal detachments, and maculopathy. For those concerned that their child’s eyeglass prescription increases each year we offer myopia control options to slow progression.

The Children's Vision Center

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1490 E Foremaster Dr. Suite 120
St. George UT 84790